Middle School (Grades 5 – 8)


Greetings Middle School Families,

Let me start by acknowledging how blessed and grateful I am for the opportunity to serve you as both a Math teacher and the Director of Middle School. My three years here at The Woodlands Methodist School have been outstanding and have convinced me that TWMS possesses the best students, faculty, staff, and families!  I look forward to another wonderful year by helping your child navigate this exciting and challenging time in their life.

The middle school years are when preteens become teenagers, develop a sense of self, and gain confidence in the adult they are becoming.  The students still possess a love for learning and a thirst for knowledge. Classes are always fun and exciting!  Administrators, parents, and teachers work together toward each student’s development and well-being.  Working together we will make each student’s time with us memorable.  I hope to positively impact and prepare your children to thrive and flourish socially, academically and spiritually as they complete their middle school years and move on to the next stage in their life and education.

I will strive to exemplify our school’s Mission Statement each and every day.

“At The Woodlands Methodist School, we provide a joyful, Christian education through which children develop a lifelong love of learning, pursue excellence, and positively impact the world.”

The support and dedication that TWMS provides is unsurpassed.  I look forward to a great year, and please know I am always available if you need anything.


Mike Bordelon ‘88
7th/8thgr Math @ TWMS
Director of Middle School
Proverbs 16:16


Below is a complete list of courses offered at The Woodlands Methodist School for Grades 5 – 8. These grades are a place where students are rapidly growing and changing emotionally, socially and intellectually. The curriculum is rigorous while being balanced. Critical thinking, skill development and subject mastery are at the heart of the curriculum. We focus on the skills needed to become confident learners and build upon them.

TWMS is a dynamic Christian-based school with high academic standards. With that in mind, we offer a challenging and exciting curriculum. Our teachers and administrators work hand in hand with each individual family to help select the perfect course load for each student. Students who wish to take an Honors course should acquire the signature of their current teacher in that subject when filling out their course request in the spring.

Core Subjects