Welcome from the Director of Preschool

Welcome! I am pleased to introduce you to the cornerstone of our exceptional programs for children. Our Preschool has been providing high-quality early care and education in our community for more than three decades.

As an outreach program of The Woodlands United Methodist Church, our accredited Christian preschool is well known for our developmental, hands-on philosophy, low child-staff ratios, excellent teachers, and wonderful facilities.

We believe, and research supports, that young children learn best when they are actively involved in the process, and that play is a child’s most important work. When we say “hands-on” learning, we mean that children are using materials and manipulatives to increase their knowledge. For example, building with a set of wooden blocks teaches physics and engineering principles, and when you add a friend to the process the children begin to learn about cooperation, collaboration and problem solving.

Learning in preschool should be fun and purposeful-we want to develop a lifelong love of learning! But learning in preschool is also very intentional. Taking cues from the children, our teachers develop lesson plans to engage and challenge the students. Each day at our Preschool, our young learners have the chance to explore new activities in the classroom, hear and discuss a story, share a prayer and learn a bit about God, enjoy lunch with their classmates, and engage in outdoor and indoor active play.

I am passionate about early childhood education, and love working with children and families during this exciting time of growth. I look forward to showing you our very special school.

Linda Wilmoth
Director of Preschool

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