Our facilities are housed on the campus of The Woodlands Methodist Church. Security of the students is of our upmost importance. Individuals must check in with the receptionist before entering the locked school doors.



The large, domed sanctuary is equipped with pews to seat over 2,000 people, including the balcony and large choir area. Each Sunday the sanctuary is filled for traditional worship with choir and orchestra.The sanctuary is in frequent use for special events for the church and the community.

Harvest Worship Center

The Harvest Worship Center is one of the worshiping spaces that our community gathers in on Sunday morning. It seats around 1,100 people in comfortable, built in theater seating. The room is warm and inviting. Both the Preschool and TWMS use the space for special chapels throughout the year, like Grandparents’ Chapel, Christmas, and Easter.

The Loft

The Loft building houses a contemporary worship space as well as Rebelbase ministry for junior and senior high school students. The Woodlands Methodist School often uses these various spaces for parent-teacher conferences and after school activities.

Fireside Cafe

Fireside Cafe provides a comfortable place to relax as you enjoy some coffee or meet with friends over lunch. Offering a tempting selection of fair trade coffees, teas, fresh pastries, homemade soups, salads, sandwiches and more.