• The classrooms at TWMS were designed with children and teachers in mind and reflect our philosophy of being developmentally appropriate.
  • Classrooms are spacious and inviting with ample amounts of storage. Each classroom is equipped with a large storage closet as well as cabinets where teaching supplies are always readily available.
  • Classrooms have large windows overlooking the campus. This brings natural light and God’s beautiful creation to the indoors.
  • Hands-on learning can be messy! Therefore, each classroom has a sink area for easy cleanup.
  • Magnetic whiteboards stretching from the floor to the ceiling serve a variety of purposes.
  • Technology is easily integrated into lessons with the use of a 52” screen TV that is securely mounted to the wall.
  • Teachers are very intentional about furniture size and arrangement. Classrooms are set up to ensure easy traffic flow, cozy areas for reading, and furniture that is the appropriate size for children. Teachers and students use classroom wall space as an extension of learning by hanging anchor charts and visuals.
  • The classrooms for the younger grades have a bathroom with a second sink so that students don’t have to leave the comfort of their classroom.


  • The Woodlands Methodist School strives for excellence in physical fitness, which provides students with opportunities to grow and develop socially, spiritually, and physically, and to understand the importance of lifelong physical activity.
  • Our state of the art gym offers plenty of space to learn, play, and grow.
  • With a forgiving composite surface, padded hard surfaces, and six adjustable basketball goals this is the perfect place to safely grow and develop in sports and physical education from early childhood through the Grade 8.
  • Our custom media systems allow for an optimal learning environment that gives our gym all of the technological advances of our classrooms, after all this is one of our biggest and best classrooms to learn in!


  • The “56” room (named for its affiliation and use with the Grade 5 & Grade 6 ministry of our church) is truly one of the most versatile rooms in our school! It is a large room that is well equipped for many different activities including general music, choir and band instruction, as well as our weekly chapel and a multitude of special assemblies and after-school activities that occur throughout the year.
  • Students in Grades K-4 and middle school students in our Art & Music elective travel to this room twice a week for music. You may find them focused on the large screen at the front of the room with images projected from a computer in the back of the classroom.
  • The room has a wonderful sound system used for listening activities. Students get more hands-on and up-close instruction by reading from a music staff board and using manipulatives and a multitude of percussion instruments, and there is plenty of space for music games and dancing!
  • The corner of the room is often transformed into the “Listening Lounge” – a place where literacy and music are combined. Students sit and listen or sing along as musical tales are sung from books, and one child has the privilege of sitting in the “birthday chair” during each story.
  • The room is well-equipped for daily band and weekly choir instruction. Chairs and music stands are set each day to transform this space into a band hall.
  • The room has a piano which is used in both band and choral instruction, and a small stage for musical performances.

All of these features also make the room ideal for weekly Chapel! It is large enough to house multiple grades at a time, and the stage is used to spotlight student helpers while words to praise songs are projected on the screen and music plays from the sound system. There are also microphones available for our Children’s Ministry staff to use for their messages and a comfortable couch and chairs for parent visitors. Feel free to join us in Chapel and enjoy worship with us any time!


  • The Woodlands Methodist School strives for excellence in physical fitness, which provides students with opportunities to grow and develop socially, spiritually, and physically, and to understand the importance of lifelong physical activity.
  • As an extension of the physical fitness program, our modern and versatile playground serves as an outdoor focal point and gathering spot for students.
  • Students are provided non-structured recess time, where their imagination runs wild, and they soar like Eagles up the rope climbing tower, fly like helicopters on a variety of spinning apparatus, and receive their Olympic gold on the oscillating balance beam!
  • The entire playground is underpinned by a flexible soft foam mat, with plenty of remaining space for traditional sports of basketball, soccer, football, and 4 square is played.


  • The library provides a welcoming environment where students, faculty, staff, and parents can locate information in a variety of formats to assist in their academic, spiritual, and recreational pursuits.
  • Its purpose is to develop lifelong learners, encourage a love of literature, and promote independent seekers of information.
  • Students visit the library each week to check out books, as well as for story time and lessons that teach students the skills necessary to be effective users of information in all its forms.