TWMS Preschool Attire

Dress your child in clothing that is durable and comfortable. Your child will be active in school and will have opportunities to participate in messy activities such as those with paint, glue and markers. The school will not be responsible for damage. Weather permitting, children will have outdoor play and should dress accordingly. Mark any removable clothing with your child’s name.

  • A school t-shirt is given to each child, which we recommend wearing to school.
  • Additional t-shirts are available for purchase.
  • Children must wear athletic shoes. Appropriate athletic shoes for our school must include tongues, be fastened by either laces or Velcro straps, and provide complete coverage for the toes, sides and heel of the foot. Athletic shoes may be traditional or ankle height, but no higher. Examples of shoes that are not acceptable for our school include TOMS, Sperry (or other brands) boat shoes, Crocs, boots and Mary Janes. Our school policy on athletic shoes is firm, as they offer the best protection from injury. A good rule of thumb is if you have to ask if the shoe is an appropriate athletic shoe, then it probably is not!