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Why Preschool?

September 12, 2018

Many parents question at what age is the best age to start your child in school. Some may think school starts in Kindergarten, while others believe they should start as early as 18 months. We honor the decisions of parents but see long lasting benefits of children attending preschool. Many families start thinking about enrolling their child in preschool when they see how peer socialization can benefit their child. Preschool provides amazing opportunities for children to learn in a small group of peers. Integrating the essential socialization and educational opportunities creates the ideal learning environment for success.

Some of the basics and the most long-lasting lessons learned in preschool are how to make a friend and how to be a friend. Many parents who have small children are seeking opportunities to help extend their child’s early education. At The Woodlands Methodist School preschool, we partner with families to give children the most positive first experience to school, creating an atmosphere where children discover that learning can be fun!

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