The warm and inviting classrooms are designed to meet the needs of our young learners.
The book center includes a well-stocked bookshelf as well as child-size comfy seating to encourage children to linger.
Other centers focus on writing, science exploration, process art, sensory development, dramatic play and block-building.
Each center includes carefully selected manipulatives and materials for open-ended discovery.
Each classroom has two sinks and is connected to a child-size bathroom.


Daily opportunities for Music and Motor activities take place in large rooms stocked with interactive supplies such as rhythm instruments, scarves, balls and obstacle course pieces.
These brightly colored spaces give children room to move! Clapping to the beat, hopping like a bunny, or helping float a parachute are all examples of motions designed to increase coordination and body control while having fun.


Our toddlers and twos enjoy a play area designed just for their needs! The various surfaces and large shade umbrella were chosen with safety in mind.
A big sandbox, wheeled vehicles and a path for driving, and structures for climbing and sliding provide our little ones a place to explore and test new skills.
Older preschoolers enjoy two different play areas, each designed with shade and space for moving whether you want to climb, slide, swing, or just dig in the sand.
Outdoor exploration spaces also include a garden where students enjoy planting and watching plants grow and a shaded outdoor classroom with tables for outdoor activities.


Literacy development is important at our school.
Our main hallway is lined with children’s books!
The collection has taken almost 40 years to accumulate and is filled with both fiction and nonfiction books.
From board books to big books, each classroom has an overflowing bookshelf, chosen to meet the needs of the children.
Our preschool library consultant is an excellent resource, helping teachers find just the right options.


Our children have an opportunity to attend chapel each week in a room designed specifically for children’s worship.
The Woodlands United Methodist Church Children’s Ministry team presents age-appropriate songs and activities.